• Lisa Manning CST, CHt

Creating Space for Grace

We’ve all experienced some sort of pain during our lifetime. For some it can be an occasional occurrence and a minor distraction, while for others it can be chronic and life altering. Pain is very subjective and only the person experiencing it knows exactly what it means to them. The underlying cause of a physical pain or disfunction may or may not be curable but the way we actually ‘feel what we feel’ is an area that is always under our control. The ability to quiet the mind and surrender into whatever it is that we are experiencing has the potential to significantly improve the quality of our life.

I have worked for over 15 years with clients dealing with chronic pain, anxiety and severe illness. My work has traditionally been focused on using hands on healing techniques to relieve the strain on the nervous system and work towards restoring as best as possible proper function and movement. These are wonderful approaches and although I still use them I do so with humility and recognition of the profound healing potential within my clients that I am simply trying to awaken. I have been taught by my clients time and time again that the greatest healing occurs when I am able to be truly still, help create an atmosphere of compassion and safety and not judge the outcome. The deepest relief always seems to come when the mind and body let go for even the briefest moment of the fight against pain and surrenders into the space and support that is being offered. This is the peace that passes understanding and the time when the healing moment becomes a sacred moment. Very simple techniques can be learned to connect with the body and enter into a dialogue with our pain. We have a relationship with everything that affects us and the feelings that we bring into each encounter will determine the outcome. Simply focusing on one full in breath and out breath will start to relax your body. Try it now.

No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.C. S. Lewis

Pain that cannot be remedied leads quickly to fear, sometimes panic and always a grieving process. Here is where the subjective aspect of pain becomes very important. Doctors who can’t find a diagnosis will sometimes become impatient and start to shift blame to the patient. Family members and friends may seem to pull back when they are not able to help and don’t know how to handle the discomfort of the situation. The elderly are often frequently not heard or tended to in their fear and pain. We don’t ever know what another is truly experiencing but it is important to maintain an awareness of their needs with compassion and non-judgement. It is difficult to break the cycle of pain and fear if everyone in your circle is reflecting the same fears.

Healing is always possible.

We may need to let go of how that will show up. The relief of pain is always a blessed experience not matter how small or great. It may be the recovery of an illness or injury, the maintenance of chronic disease or injury that still allows us peace and the ability to be in relationship with the world or a graceful end of life. Healing is always possible.

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